Our Journals

IJSL: International Journal of Social Learning

The scope of journal : internet based learning, modern learning, the use of technology for learning, learning of social education..

Comdev : Journal of Community Development

This journal particularly focuses on the main problems in the community development areas as follows..

Villages : Jurnal Administrasi Pemerintahan Desa

The scopes of the journal include Village government/ governance, Affairs of population..

Aksiologi : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Ilmu Sosial

Ruang lingkup bidang pengembangan pendidikan, filsafat pendidikan, filsafat sosial, filsafat politik, sosiologi..

Indonesian Journal Publisher Conference 2021

Load More.. In 2021, Indonesian Journal Publisher will hold various conferences, both national and international. We invite you to submit the best manuscripts and become a speaker in these events.